N59 Moycullen Bypass

Project Details

  • Client: Transport Infrastructure Ireland
  • Location: Galway, Ireland
  • Value:€XX Million
  • Length: XX Km

Project Description

The scheme is located on the N59 National Secondary Route which extends from Sligo to Galway City. The scheme comprises of the construction of a 4.3km standard single carriageway road bypass of Maigh Cuilinn (Moycullen) village, 11 Structures and all associated ancillary works. The project is located between the townland of Drimcong approx. 1.5km north-west of Maigh Cuilinn (Moycullen) village to the townland of Claídeach (Clydagh) approx. 2km south-east of Maigh Cuilinn (Moycullen) village. The Structures include for a 43.3m two span bridge over the Lough Kip river and a 242m long piled platform through a section of deep peat/soft ground upon which the road will be founded.

Ch2M Barry’s commission is to progress the scheme through Phase 5,6 & 7 of the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) Project Management Guidelines. The Commission included for several Advance Works Contracts to be undertaken in advance of the main bypass contract including site investigation works, topographical proof survey and a clearance and fencing works contract. These advance work contracts where completed over the period of late 2013/ early 2014.

The Scheme was split into two separate construction contracts in late 2013, a Moycullen Bypass contact and an N59 Moycullen Road Improvement Contract which provided for the completion of a 1.1km online upgrade scheme on the N59 alignment. This Contract widened the existing road from a 6m carriageway without verges to a 7m carriageway with 3m raised shared surfaces on both sides for non-motorized users. It also provided for the installation of public lighting, demolition of an existing twin arch bridge across an SAC River and replacement with a 15m single barrel arch precast bridge with masonry cladding. These Works were designed in accordance with the Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets, with construction works being completed in early 2016.

Barry Transportation have completed provision of the Phase 5 duties up to delivery of Tender Documents for the Moycullen Bypass, and the Employer is currently awaiting funding from the capital investment plan prior to proceeding to tender stage for the N59 Bypass Contract.