Great Northern Brewery, Dundalk

Project Details

  • Client: Diageo
  • Location: Dundalk, Ireland
  • Value: Confidential

Project Description

We were commissioned by Diageo to undertake a Traffic Risk Assessment and prepare a Traffic Management Plan for the Great Northern Brewery (GNB), Dundalk, Co. Louth. Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 there is a legal requirement on employers and any person who has control to any extent of the workplace, to carry out a written risk assessment. As part of the risk assessment, transport hazards must be identified and assessed. The Traffic Management Plan and Traffic Risk Assessment were prepared with reference to the following Health & Safety Authority documents:

  • “Workplace Transport Safety Safe Workplace” (ref. HSA2923)
  • “Workplace Transport Safety – Risk Assessment” (ref. HSA0338)
  • “Workplace Transport Checklist” (ref. HSA0302)
In terms of scope, the plan considered all trafficked areas within the curtilage of the site, the main site access onto the public road and the external staff car park. Individuals considered within the process leading to the delivery of the Traffic Management Plan include staff, visitors, contractors and members of the public (including local school children) whose activities bring them into proximity with the main site access onto the public road.

The Traffic Risk Assessment identified recommended actions to be taken to eliminate risk where possible, or otherwise to minimise or control the risk. The anticipated residual risk following implementation of the control measures has also been identified in the Traffic Risk Assessment. The Traffic Management Plan was developed from the findings and recommendations of the Traffic Risk Assessment. In this regard the control measures were designed with a specific focus to eliminate or reduce traffic and transport related risk.

We undertook the Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Road Safety Audits, for both the servicing and operational aspects of the cycle scheme, in accordance with NRA HD 19/09 Road Safety Audits.