N24 at Tower Road Junction

Project Details

  • Client: Kilkenny County Council
  • Location: N24/ Tower Road Junction, Piltown Co Kilkenny, Ireland
  • Value: N/A

Project Description

Though the TII Road Safety Framework for Consultancy Services, Barry Transportation were appointed by Kilkenny County Council to identify low cost safety measures on the N24 at the Tower Road junction due to a collision rate over twice the national average in the vicinity of the junction. This report was prepared in accordance with TII’s GE-STY-01022 (HD 15) ‘Network Safety Ranking’.

The methodology undertaken in preparing this report comprised collating and assessing collision data, undertaking speed and traffic count turning surveys, identification of factors which could explain how the various road users failed to appreciate the road layout and conditions ahead immediately prior to collisions and identification of factors, if any, common to collisions.

A site visit was then undertaken to examine and assess the existing road conditions. Members of An Garda Síochána and Kilkenny County Council were also consulted on site to ascertain any other relevant information. Collision problems for the site were then defined and an assessment of the existing low cost road safety layout was undertaken. Possible treatment measures were identified and a number of treatment measures were recommended.