Dublin City Centre Cycle Parking Study

Barry Transportation Have been appointed by Dublin City Council and the NTA to provide a Cycle Parking Strategy Report to provide a greater understanding of existing cycle parking facilities, level of demand and cyclist parking habits, as well as addressing future cycle parking needs, taking into account planned transportation infrastructure (such as BRT, Luas Cross City, Radial, Orbital and Premium Cycle Routes, Sutton to Sandycove Cycle Scheme, etc), demographics, development strategies (for example Grangegorman, National Childrens Hospital developments) and modal shift trends and targets.

Currently over 200,000 people enter Dublin City Centre each day. Unfortunately the city is still largely dominated by motor vehicles with under 5% choosing to travel into the city by bike. Dublin City Council and the NTA have made significant strides in changing the modal choice towards cycling with the delivery of hugely successful schemes such as Dublin Bikes and the Premium Cycle Routes. Dublin City Council has planned an expansion of the existing cycle network, with an overall objective to achieve 30% cycling by 2020. Key to this is the provision of safe, secure cycle parking facilities and convenient locations throughout the city as this has been demonstrated to heavily influence the decision to cycle in the first place.

Over the last several years, our Traffic Engineering department have been honing their expertise in providing engineering design and advice on cycle schemes and have been successful in securing a number of commissions throughout Ireland. We take great pride in assisting Local Authorities and the NTA in achieving their goal of promoting greener modes of transport and reducing the dependency on the private motor car. Our team are all passionate cyclist's and advocate's of cycling as a healthy and sustainable mode of transport and thus have a vested interest in ensuring the continued development of Ireland's cycle infrastructure.

Our Traffic Engineering team all have first-hand knowledge and experience of using cycling infrastructure on a regular basis and this knowledge and experience combined with their passion for cycling and professional expertise has proven invaluable to delivering sensible, practical and cost effective cycle solutions.