Feasibility Study for the provision of City Centre High Density Cycle Parking

Project Details

  • Client: Dublin City Council
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Value: N/A

Project Description

Dublin City Council (DCC) and the National Transport Authority (NTA) aim to significantly increase cyclist volumes over the coming years so that by 2017, 25-30% of all new commutes within the city will be by bike. Key to achieving these targets are the provision of safe, secure cycle parking facilities at convenient locations throughout the city. Absence of appropriate cycle parking facilities has been shown to deter people from cycling in the first place.

Barry Transportation have been commissioned by DCC to produce a Feasibility Study for the provision of City Centre High Density Cycle Parking. This study includes:

  • Dublin City Centre Cycle Parking Strategy Report- to devise and recommend a strategy for the provision, management and security of cycle parking facilities in the city centre based on current and future demand.
  • Dublin City Centre Cycle Parking Locations Report- identifies, assesses and rates potential cycle parking locations throughout the city centre.
  • Drury Street Car Park: Cycle Parking Upgrade- the renovation and upgrade of the current Drury Street Car Park Cycle parking area. The proposed cycle parking upgrade would almost double the existing capacity of 196 spaces.

  • This study will allow for an informed approach to cycle parking expansion and facilitate controlled development of infrastructure. It will positively position Dublin city to accommodate and encourage cycling growth into the future.